Birth Story – Part II

Here we go again! You may have already read my first child’s birth story, and since you know I have two children (hence the ‘Juggles Two’ bit), I’m sure you’ve done the math and knew this coming! Yep, it’s time for the birth story of my second child, Jagger, and how he made his entrance into the world.

I’ll start by saying it was VERY different to the birth of Jaxxi, with the main difference being it was less than half the time (‘Only’ 9 hours long)! The second difference was I remembered to add on our maternity cover before the 12 month waiting period so I could go Private this time!

Let’s not start the Private V Public debate. Each to their own. I wanted to go Private because I wanted a room to myself and the opportunity to stay and rest for a few days after the birth. During my Public experience with Jaxxi, I shared a room with 3 other Mum’s and their crying babies and I was out and home on day 2 (although I was begging to go home on day 1 but they wouldn’t let me). I wasn’t granted the opportunity to rest after my 3-day long labour, so I would be doing things differently second time round.

It was the end of August and I had just ticked over to 38 weeks pregnant. Earlier that month we celebrated Jaxxi’s second birthday (yes, I realise we’ve got two August babies, which indicates November is a fun month for my husband and I *wink wink*). Just as I was climbing into bed I did a little whingey tap-dance/feet stomp, complaining about how I didn’t want to be pregnant for another 2 weeks. My ribs were on fire 24/7, I had acid constantly creeping up my throat and I had packed 20kg on, of which 5kg just appeared overnight as I hit the ‘fluid fat stage. Oh it’s real ladies. My jeans stopped fitting me and I grew another chin overnight! The only positive of this was I knew labour was close, because the same thing happened with Jaxxi. Whale = impending labour.

As I was sleeping, it was like I was dreaming of pain. Then I slowly woke up and I realised I wasn’t dreaming…it was real life contractions. I remember lying there thinking ‘Wait, am I awake yet? I’ll just lay here a little longer and see….OUCH!’. So I decided to get out bed and see how I felt. And then it happened, just like it does in the movies! As I stood up, my waters broke. It took me by surprise, I just stood there laughing. I was giggling because I couldn’t believe it had just happened that way! There I was, in a puddle I created, laughing. I was so caught off guard, I didn’t know what to do so I picked up my phone thinking it would have the answer. I turned the flashlight on, realised that was a stupid idea and decided I should wake my up my Baby-Daddy. Through giggles I said ‘Steve, wake up. My waters broke!’. He bound out of bed and I just kept laughing. I have no idea why I found my waters breaking so amusing.

At 2am, we rang Steve’s Mum who was already on standby, and she zoomed over to look after Jaxxi. I went into Jaxxi’s room, woke her up, and gave her the biggest cuddle ever because this was the last time it would be just the three of us. I had a little moment of heartbreak, knowing our time of ‘just us’ was at its end, but I was excited for the fun ahead! Unfortunately she never went back to sleep after that but ‘not my problem’ because I was busy pushing a watermelon out my hoo-ha.

It wasn’t long before we were in the hospital, into the birthing suite and into my sexy hospital gown. And then out of my hospital gown as I sat on the floor of the shower with the hot water pouring down my back to help with the pain. At first I declined an epidural, because it was the middle of the night and the anesthesiologist would need to be called in. I thought it would be really expensive and I felt bad waking them up! In the Private system, you have to pay for the epidural if your anesthesiologist charges over the scheduled rate. The thing is, it’s like the lottery, because they all charge different amounts and you won’t know till you get the bill! But, after a little while I didn’t care if I needed to remortgage our house to finance it. I WAS HAVING THE EPI! And I stopped feeling bad about waking them up to come in, especially when we got our bill! (FYI, we only had to pay $250. Medicare covered the remaining $900!!!) But I think it’s safe to say these guys get paid enough to be woken up in the middle of the night.

I was still painfully contracting once the epidural was put in (it takes 2-3 contractions before it takes full effect), and I was breathing so fast and shallow, I began to faint. Luckily my midwife was a ninja and got to me so she could lay me down and talk me through breathing deep and slow. Thankfully, I avoided fainting completely and then I was almost pain free. I asked to not have my epidural fully topped up, as I wanted to experience a little pain this time (I know you’re thinking I am crazy!). With Jaxxi, I was so numb, when they asked me to lift my legs all I could do was look at them and will them to move as I had lost all feeling. This time, I was going to feel it a little more. That was my choice.

6am by now, and I quickly completed some important tasks. 1) Message hairdresser and let her know I would not be able to make my appointment that day. 2) Apply a little makeup so I don’t look too hagged for the photos of my first meeting with my baby boy! (Steve has a few jobs during the birth of our children which are lifting and lowering the bed, holding my hand and taking pictures of our kid’s first breaths). Again, each to their own with your opinions on makeup at birth. I didn’t want to look like a glam queen, but I also didn’t want to look like an exhausted beetroot.

It’s Time To Go…

It took a while, but around 11am, it was time to evict my womb-mate and bring him earth side! My amazing OB, Dr Greenland, was there and giving words of encouragement to push. I pushed and pushed and then I threw up. EW! But THANK GOODNESS I invested in an amazing setting spray for my makeup, because through my spew-tears (or am I the only person who automatically cries when they chuck?) my mascara stayed in place. My OB will always remember me as the girl with the setting spray, because I mentioned it and even made a recommendation to the brand I used right then and there. Weird things happen to your mind when you’ve got your legs in stirrups and people looking at your vaj-jay-jay, because I thought I was proving useful to endorse a beauty product (Urban Decay All Nighter, if you’re wondering).

Back to the pushing! The epidural had worn off a little but it was great because I could really understand and feel what my body needed to do and I got my baby out all by myself. Right near the end Dr Greenland told me to reach down, so I did. My hands slipped under my Son’s arms and I pulled him out and onto my chest. Hello little baby! He was a bit stunned and took a little longer to give us all a good cry. Steve had to hold an oxygen tube for him until his levels were satisfactory. My little blue boy, with blue balls. PS. Boys balls are HUGE when they’re born! Sorry, I just had to say that. Once he was lovely and pink, the midwife took his measurements and she said his head was smaller than average. I looked down and gave him a little high five. Thanks mate!

Steve had to rush off because he had a course (an expensive electrical course) which started that day and he couldn’t miss it! As we do, we had another YOLO moment and booked a course 2 weeks before the due date and it backfired. So 11.37am, Jagger was born, and Steve was on his way to TAFE by 12.15pm. He came back later that day which is when we decided to name this baby boy with big balls, Jagger, and Jaxxi FINALLY got to meet her baby brother! She was so happy to hold him and chucked a tanty when it was time to hand him back.

I enjoyed four blissful days at the hospital, where I got into a little routine each day. Rested. Slept. Fed. Changed nappy after nappy. Cuddled. It was amazing – except for my uterus contracting and attempting to get back to its former self. They don’t tell you it hurts more for each subsequent child.

My hospital stay was the perfect balance of time to rest but enough for me to be excited to head home to my new family of four and enter zombie mode! Although I did miss having a bed controlled by a remote…


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