Shared Kids Bedroom

There was always the plan for our kids to end up sharing the room, as we hope to expand our family in the future. We live in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house so there isn’t enough room for one bedroom per child if we have more than two offspring. 

Being the planner I am, there I was, trawling Pinterest for shared bedroom ideas and saving to my secret board for the day we know we’re expecting another child. But, my kids kinda bet me to it! My oldest, Jaxxi, decided she didn’t want to sleep in her room alone anymore and insisted on a sleepover in her brother’s room. With zero confidence she would even last the night I was promptly proven wrong. She slept on her old cot mattress, beside Jagger’s cot. And then she did it the next night and the next night aaaaaand fast forward to three months later, she was still in his room. 

Jagger started climbing out of his cot so it was time for a ‘big boy’ bed. So it seemed like the perfect time to give them my the childhood dream of BUNK BEDS! Cue my husband and I shouting ‘THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES’ numerous times!

I have had a few people ask me how I got them to share and I so wish I could give them a process, but my kids just magically took it upon themselves to share! But here are some quick tips for the situation:

  • Try and get the little one to bed first (or whichever falls asleep the easiest) and avoid putting both to bed at the same time because they will just party
  • Utilize vertical space – eg. Bunk Beds! Put hooks and shelves on the walls too. Two kid’s worth of stuff has to fit into one room, so use the space wisely
  • Now is the time to declutter – go through their clothes and ‘stuff’ and donate what isn’t needed/ever worn
  • If your kids are partying instead of sleeping, let them know you will put them back into separate rooms if you need to keep going in – if they still keep at it, go in and take one out and into the other room. (ps. you are completely bluffing – but they don’t know this!) Once they have a little bit of a panic and realise how serious you are, ask if they’re both ready to show you how well they can share a room and go to sleep together, and put them back in the same room. 
  • Avoid loads of toys in the bedroom (and the ones that are, keep them out of view from the bed), because the temptation will be too strong to play with them
  • Get waterproof mattress protectors and then layer the softer ones on top. You wash the soft ones and wipe the plastic ones, keeping the mattress wee-free!

Here’s a look at my kids room, with direct links to each product. It was created on a budget and I also got bits and pieces bit by bit. I also highly recommend Kmart for whatever you can get, because it’s cheap and if things get ruined because well…kids, it’s easily replaced financially. 

  • Bunk Bed – Ikea
  • Mattresses – Bed Shed
  • Rug – Mocka (hello AFTERPAY!)
  • Tall Boy Drawers – Super Amart
  • Drawers in wardrobe – Mocka
  • Canopy – second hand from Growing Groms/you can get new from Verde Baby
  • Wall stickers – Schmooks (gift from kids Mimi)
  • Macrame Chair Swing – eBay
  • Shelves – Bunnings
  • Baskets, bedding, hooks – Kmart
  • Lamp – Vintage! It was mine when I was a kid!

Their Bedroom

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